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2017-06-05  來源:映象網健康頻道



  Founded in 1942, Zhengzhou First People's Hospital is a national Grade 3 Class A general Hospital providing medical care along with teaching, scientific research, preventive care and rehabilitation. It is a teaching hospital indirectly affiliated with Henan University, with senior medical experts serving as Master Supervisors for the school. It is becoming a healthcare group as planned by Zheng zhou Municipal Government. 




  The hospital consists of its headquarters, Zhengzhou Hospital of Air Harbor Zone, Zhengzhou Gastroenterology Hospital, Hangdong Community Health Service Center, Shangdu Road Community Health Service Center. The new hospital of Air Harbor Zone approved by the government covers 294 acres, with 3000 beds in total and 800 beds built in the first phase as planned, which will form a new pattern of group development. 




  醫院現有職工2700人,其中專業技術人員2185人,副高級以上專業技術人員400人,博士8人、碩士289 人。院本部編制床位1200張,實際開放床位1616張。年門診量100余萬人次,年出院病人數達10萬余人;擁有臨床科室53個,90余個專業。醫院擁有3.0T核磁共振、寶石能譜CT、四維彩超、超聲電子胃鏡、智能膠囊內鏡等大型先進診療設備600余臺。 

  Our hospital currently has 2700 employees including 2185 health professionals, 400 professionals in above deputy senior title, 8 with Doctor’s Degrees and 289 with Master’s Degrees. There are 1200 prepared beds in its headquarters, 1616 of which are open to the public. Our hospital has 53 clinical departments and more than 90 professions, with more than 1000,000 outpatients and 100,000 discharged patients annually. The hospital has over 600 large advanced medical equipments including 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance, gemstone spectral CT, four-dimensional color doppler ultrasound, ltrasonic electronic gastroscope and intelligence capsule endoscopy, etc. 






  為了拓寬發展平臺,經河南省衛生和計劃生育委員會批準成為河南省住院醫師規范化培訓基地,批準開展心血管疾病介入診療技術、四級婦科內鏡診療技術、 膝和髖關節置換診療技術 、口腔種植技術等。國家區域性燒傷整形中心,為鄭州市人民政府規劃建設“七中心”之一。經鄭州市衛生和計劃生育委員會批準成立國家干細胞研究基地河南基地、鄭州市消化病醫院、鄭州市重癥醫學中心、鄭州市醫學美容中心、鄭州市微疼痛診療中心等。鄭州市科技局批準成立鄭州市干細胞轉化與應用工程技術研究中心。引進鄭州市法醫鑒定中心、成立河南省首個創面修復中心。胸痛中心、卒中中心、創傷救治中心的建設,第一時間內為急危重患者提供完善的搶救平臺,挽救了一大批危重患者的生命。 

  In order to expand the development platform, the hospital has become a standardized training base for residents in Henan province to develop Cardiovascular Interventional diagnosis treatment, four-stage gynecological endoscopic diagnosis and therapy, knee and hip replacement technology and oral implantology, approved by Zhengzhou Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. The national region center of plastic surgery and burns is one of the “Seven Centers” planned to establish by Zhengzhou Municipal Government. Approved by Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the hospital has set up Henan Branch of National Stem Cell Research Base, Zhengzhou Gastroenterology Hospital, Zhengzhou Intensive Care Medical Center, Zhengzhou Medical Cosmetology Center, Zhengzhou Micro-pain Diagnosis and Treatment Center, etc. Zhengzhou Science and Technology Bureau has approved it to establish an engineering research center of stem cell transformation and application. Besides, it has introduced Zhengzhou Forensic Medical Identification Center to set up the first wound repair center in Henan Province. The establishment of thoracalgia center, apoplexy center and trauma treatment center provided an improved rescue platform for critical patients, which has saved thousands of lives. 


  In 2012, the comprehensive quality control and performance appraisal system were implemented by the hospital to make continuous improvement of quality and critical steps of medical care. "Five Grasps” is implemented as follows: seeking for the future from high quality and efficient service by opening the cardio-cerebral green channel; making science-based and standardized ultimate therapy into reality with the help of multidisciplinary collaborative consultation; building the safe and sound medical treatment platform through the in-depth track of critical values; providing advanced and high-level guaranteed therapeutic process through strengthening the management of patients in critical conditions; achieving common pursuit from both sides by focusing on communications with patients. The implementation of joint overall duty system "four in one” (i.e., administrative, medical, nursing, emergency joint overall duty system), has played a favorable role in normalizing hospital operation beyond the eight hours. 

  2013年,醫院加強流程優化和專科品牌建設。實施全天候門診、日間病房、日間手術等多項便民、惠民措施;在全院臨床推行醫療責任組制度;開展“5111工程”,即每個臨床科室有5個專科代表性疾病,1個核心品牌技術,1個新業務新技術,1個手術或有創操作考評觀摩。作為鄭州市唯一的重癥醫學中心,規范建設ICU 、CCU、RICU 、BICU 、EICU 、SICU 、NCU 、PICU 、NICU九個重癥監護單元,危重癥、多發傷的搶救治療對外延伸到120救護車上,對內深化到重癥醫學科、臨床科室和醫技科室;對液體復蘇、氣道管理、感染控制三個關鍵核心技術的強化,普通科室醫療應急快速反應小組的成立,保障了危重癥患者安全,提高了搶救成功率,成功打造急危重患者“急診搶救 —ICU綜合救治 — 康復治療”院內一體化救治體系。 

  In 2013, the process optimization and brand building were strengthened to carry out a number of measures convenient to people such as the 24-hour outpatient service, daytime sickroom and daytime surgery, etc. The medical liability system is carried out throughout the hospital. The "5111 Project" was carried out. In other words, each clinical department has five specialized representative diseases, one core brand technology, a new business technology, a surgical or trauma operation with evaluation and observation. As the only Intensive Care Medical Center of Zhengzhou, the hospital has made standards to establish nine intensive care units, ICU, CCU, RICU, BICU, EICU, SICU, NCU, PICU and NICU. The urgent rescue of patients in critical condition extended to the 120 ambulance externally, and was deepened at the critical care medical department, clinical department and medical technical department internally. The three critical technologies, fluid resuscitation, airway management and infection control, are strengthened and medical emergency rapid response teams in non-emergency departments were established to provide protection for the patients in critical condition and increase the success rate of the operation, which set up an integrated system of “emergency rescues—ICU comprehensive treatment--Rehabilitation treatment” successfully inside the hospital. 



  Our hospital always focuses on discipline construction and building brand for specialized departments to improve core competitiveness. Burns and Plastic Surgery department was the key medical discipline of Henan Province as the corresponding academician workstation has been set up, ranked the first of six south-central provinces and Top Ten of China in terms of its overall capability. Neurology department is the key clinical medical discipline in Zhengzhou city. Endocrinology department, Gynecology department and Gastroenterology department are the key clinical medicine cultivating disciplines of Zhengzhou. Cardiology department, Respiratory Medicine department, Neonatology department, Orthopedics department, Neurosurgery department, Cardiothoracic Surgery department, Oncology and Hematology department, Nephrology department, Oncology Surgery department, Obstetrics department are the key disciplines of our hospital. The interventional treatment center and endoscopy center have powerful technical strength. The hospital won a good social reputation as “Large head (Neurology), thick skin (Burns, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics), and good appetite (Gastroenterology Hospital)”, going to the First Hospital when you are sick, and severe diseases will scare you not." 




  In recent years, the hospital carried out extensive domestic and international technical exchanges and cooperation, and established the academician workstation led by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Professor Xiaobing Fu, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering works as an academician there. Professor Gaofeng Zhao, Department of Burns in Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University, works as the Honorary Director of the Burn Center. Professor Fangyi Zhang, the Neurosurgery Department of Washington State University, works as the Honorary Director of the Neurology Clinic Center. The hospital collaborates with Chunhua Zhao, the Director of Tissue Engineering Center of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to establish Stem Cell Engineering Technology Center of Henan province to accelerate stem cell medical research and clinical transformation. A technical collaborative agreement was signed with the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital to provide the nationwide specialists cooperative consultation and operation for the patients in critical condition in the whole province. The micro-invasive technology center of the surgical department was set up in the cooperation with the affiliated hospital of Ji'nan University to help the majority take micro-invasive surgery without scars. Besides, a technical exchange and cooperative agreement was signed with the University of Siena from Italy to carry out regular medical academic exchanges and technical cooperation. An ozone therapy and training center was built in the cooperation with Germany Hermes. 

  鄭州市第一人民醫院長期致力于公益慈善事業的發展,搭建“為民、惠民、愛民”的平臺。從1942年魯山建院,到內鄉開封的遷徙,到今天的鄭州市東大街的唐朝開元寺舊址,醫院幾經遷徙 ,幾易其名,在醫院發展的歷史中,無論是治病救人,療疾問苦,還是支邊援外、抗震救災,亦或是應對突發公共衛生事件,一院人總是義無反顧,扎實前行。50年代,由于各項工作出色,被授予全國“社會主義建設的紅旗單位”稱號,受到衛生部的表彰,國家衛生部李德全部長到醫院視察。為了護佑一方百姓的健康,醫院無私地將傳染科分出成立鄭州市傳染病醫院;將兒科分出組建鄭州市兒童醫院。60年代初,在條件極為艱苦的條件下,開展全省首例心臟二尖瓣分離術等心臟手術。進入新世紀以來,鄭州市第一人民醫院長期堅持“規范服務、惠濟民生”的辦院方針,連續十年舉辦鄭州國際微笑行動,為2000余名唇腭裂患兒實施了免費手術;常年開展為先天性心臟病患兒免費手術活動、“成就健康,開啟美好未來—家鄉情”義診活動及新農合十二種大病免費手術救治1200例活動;圓滿完成城鄉醫院對口支援工作,順利通過國家衛計委專家組的督導檢查,為我省在全國衛生系統對口支援工作中爭得榮譽。同時長期堅持“六進社區”活動,為群眾送醫、送藥、送健康。2013年3月13日(農歷二月初二),舉辦了“開元寶寶祝福啟動儀式”,在醫院出生的寶寶,都被命名為“開元寶寶”。憑“開元寶寶健康護佑卡”,醫院將每年為孩子提供一次健康體檢,直到18歲成人。2014年7月3日鄭州市第一人民醫院區域醫療聯合體正式運行,成員單位41家,對鄭州市東南區域內的分級診療起到引領作用,為實現“資源共享、信息互聯、服務同質、便民惠民”這一目標,發揮了大醫院的龍頭和示范作用,為群眾搭建了良好的就醫平臺。 

  Zhengzhou First People's Hospital has committed to the development of public charity for a long time and set up the platform of "for people, benefit people and love people". From the foundation of Lushan in 1942 and the migration into Neixiang County, Kaifeng, to Zhengzhou, the former site of Kaiyuan Temple of Dongdajie Street in Tang Dynasty, the hospital was migrated for several times, with its name changed for several times. In the history of our hospital, whether it is saving lives, treating illness, supporting the border areas and foreign countries, aiding during crisis, as well as the response of public health emergency, our staffs had always been proceeding to the front line without hesitation. In 1950s, due to the excellent work during various tasks, the hospital, commended by the Ministry of Health, was honored with “the Red-Banner Unit of socialist construction” in the country. Dequan Li, the head of Ministry of Health in China, came for a visit. For health of local people, Zhengzhou Infection Hospital and Zhengzhou Children's Hospital were set up selflessly by Infectious Disease Department and Pediatrics Department of Zhengzhou First People's Hospital, respectively. In the early 1960s, under the extremely difficult conditions, the separation of heart valvula bicuspidalis, as the first case in the whole province, was carried out. In the new century, the principle of "providing standard service and benefiting people's livelihood" was persevered in by Zhengzhou First People's Hospital. “Zhengzhou International Operation Smile” has been held consecutively for 10 years and more than 2,000 children with cleft lip had received free operations. Besides, free surgeries for children with congenital heart disease, gratuitous treatments of “achieve health, and open for a better future--hometown emotion”, as well as 1200 activities of free surgeries for 12 critical diseases have been carried out throughout the year. The satisfactory completion of the supporting work for urban and rural hospitals and successfully passing the supervisory inspection of the experts group from National Health and Family Planning Commission help the hospital to win the honor in the supporting work of National Health System. In the meanwhile, "six activities going into the community" were carried out by the hospital to delivery treatment, drug, and health to residents. On March 13, 2013, the hospital held a "Kaiyuan Baby Blessing Ceremony". Babies born in the hospital on that day, were named as Kaiyuan Baby and given Kaiyuan Baby Health Care Blessing Card. The hospital will provide free annual health examination for children till the age of 18. On July 3rd, 2014, the formal consortium of the regional medical treatment of Zhengzhou First People's Hospital was put into operation with 41 members, playing a leading role in grading clinics within the southeast region and take a leading and exemplary role for large hospitals in contributing to the realization of "sharing resources, interconnecting the information, service homogeneity and benefiting the people’s livelihood” as well as establishing a favorable medical platform for people. 





  In the development, our hospital has achieved a recognition from higher level and praise from people. In 2009, it was honored as the Advanced Unit of the Nationwide Grade 3 General Hospital Competition during the national "Medical Quality Million Miles Tour". In 2010, it won the national "Reform and Innovation Hospital" Award. In 2011, it won the title of "Advanced Unit of the Top Ten Provincial Indicator Hospitals". In 2013, it won the title of "Innovation of Henan Province Hospital" and Mr. Hungkai Lian, Head of the hospital, won the "Henan Huimin Hospital Director" title. In 2014, it won the name of "People's Satisfying Hospital of Henan Province". In the past five years, it won the advanced unit of Henan Province according to the comprehensive assessments of the hospital management (Quality Million Miles) and the advanced unit of style construction in Henan Province for four times, respectively. There were more than 80 honorary titles, such as “the Advanced Unit of Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Hospital in the Health System of Henan Province”, “the Advanced Unit of the Ten Professional Ethics Construction Hospital in Henan Province”, “the Advanced Unit of the Cultural Construction Hospital in Zhengzhou”. The community health service center set up by our hospital won the title of "National Model Community Health Service Center", and it is visited by national, provincial and municipal officials for many times. 








  Our hospital adheres to the “Three Condense Ideas,” that is "condense the academic humanities to cast a famous hospital, condense discipline to make breakthroughs, and condense people’s will to develop the hospital". The hospital inherits the purpose of “maintenance, enrichment, innovation and enhancement” and implements the guidance of “specialist, system, safety and rationality” with the theme of “having the key points in the hospital, having the characteristics in the departments, and having the specialties in person”. It takes the establishment of the advanced, academic, digitalized, collectivized nationwide Grade 3 General Hospital in Henan Province as a principal line, focusing on the brand specialties construction and making the profession system, specialties, special diseases, expertise, and specific regions as the foundation of its quality and the connotation construction. It will use “the first class quality, moderate price, the best satisfaction” as the settled point and follow the spirit of " rigorosity, sincerity, love, excellence” to establish an employee-satisfying hospital. With the aeronautic vision, height and confidence, we will forge ahead in unity with pragmatic innovation and dedication, and will make great effort to be the first-class hospital for its new brilliant future. 







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